Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ballad of the Minister of War Theodor Earl Baillet de Latour

On October 6th 1848, as the troops of the Austrian Empire were preparing to leave Vienna to suppress the Hungarian Revolution, a crowd sympathetic to the Hungarian cause and sick of the ruling Habsburg-regime and its reactionist minister of war Theodor Count Baillet de Latour, started to roam the streets, heavily armed. The incident escalated into various violent street battles. Under the guidance of workers and students, the angry mob conquered the ministry of war to lynch unpopular Latour. The Vienna Uprising of October 1848 was the last uprising of the Austrian Revolution of 1848.

The Austrian animator Pascale Osterwalder, narrated in a rhythmic and versed song the events happened in Vienna after 1848, when the war minister Count de Latour, with a hard government repression makes a full revolution revolt in Hungary.

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