Friday, August 13, 2010

New animation works full of visual beauty and lots of humour

We say goodbye to the second week of August with five new animated film for all audiences. The animation works come to us from Chile, Spain, Morocco and Germany experienced 3D animators, directors specialized novel 2D flash animated series and betting large experimental background in digital postproduction. In addition, we will know heroes of all kinds: from the most extravagant and horny, to the most stalwart and guerrillas. Everything in your Animation Home,

The Chilean study animation Motor Productions, under the direction of Luis Beytia and the production of Martin Ferrer, show us Bennu: a 3D story presents a magical world through the journey of a moth that is sought itself. Jorge Vallejo, a participant in previous editions of Animacam with his work How's the world, Fermin?, presents a multimedia video which unveils a new hero: Sepiaman. Extravagant, arrogant, sex-symbol ... but very, very peculiar ...

Hicham Bouzahzah is an Moroccan animator, a 2D apassionated, repeats participation in Animacam, after presenting at the Second Edition of his multimedia video Bouza Dance. At this time, he shares with us a trailer for a superhero animated series: The Road to Glory. After sharing with us his work Energie! (Present in the Short Film Corner at Cannes), Thorsten Fleisch shows a work with an amazing digital post-production in which he shows more than 180 skyscrapers of American banks titled K.I.L.L.. Finally, closing billboard, a new chapter of Sin Tetas no hay nadie en mi piso by the production company Chips and Films. Pedrolo is angry about the situation that was finally reached, after the economic crisis.

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