Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Viewer´s Day in Animacam with five new animation works

Again, another week in Animacam, we present five new animated works that enhance and contribute to fulfilling our dream of "walking together to animate the world," established over the network, a global connection that promotes cultural diversity. On this occasion, authors who previously participated in Animacam - in this or other editions-, with new talent and new animators that have interesting artistic and conceptual proposals. From Azerbaijan, Spain, Colombia, Bulgaria and Poland arrives 3D animation, 2D animation, experimental and flash.

The Polish animator Carlos Villareal Kwasek, a student at Vancouver Film School in Canada, and with Spanish origins, shows an animation of 2006 held in an exquisite 3D depicts the inner struggle with it even in Climber. The study Chips & Films, after introducing two of their characters, shows us a computer hacker, that, in the latter time, began his career in the interpretation: He´s Tecla, the new character from Sin Tetas no hay nadie en mi piso.

From Colombia, Harold Jimenez presents a 3D animation under the title Siete Pétalos "Versión Preliminar", which tells the story of Tilo, a boy who fell in love with life and with Vahia, the woman of his dreams. It´s a pity, but their love is not possible yet. Borislava Zahova presents a new work of this edition of Animacam. After participating with two other experimental films - Open and Meaning- the Bulgarian author shows 2 Act I: in search of the creation of a new multimedia universe that mixes the sounds with visual effects. Finally, Rahim Asghari Baghal presents its third commercial of the campaign Electricity Saving.

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