Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday releases in Animacam

We welcome this weekend in summer, showing five new works of animation Animacam from Argentina, Lithuania, Spain and Germany. Past participants, authors who show their debut experienced research team up to create a cinema guide with free admission!

Justina Svambaryte a cheerleader xovencísima Lithuania already presented in this edition of his work Animacam The lost glove, Always Beside presents a heartwarming story based on nostalgia and longing for loved ones are gone. David Scharf, an experienced animator in 2D and 3D displays from Germany, his book The Forest, where a girl named Antonia fanciful dreams of magical landscapes, far from the reality experienced every day. Once again, Galder Arriaga Iraultza entertains us with: a curious and friendly stop-motion, after presenting the Festival to work Musu bat, this time, toys and revolutionize alliance ahead of its owner.

The study Catalan Chips & Films presents, after showing its main characters in the series, and start with the first chapters, the Third Teta under the title of Nasal where Pedrolo want to know more about this company called NASA. Finally, a twelve and a touching story comes from Argentina by the hand of the Third Eye Group. Directed by Victor Blasco, the protagonists of this story are Don and pillbugs Caracol, this is the first chapter for an animated series aimed at children.

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