Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camouflage - Excerpt from the first animated feature 3D Cuban

Camuflaje is an excerpt from the animated film "Meñique", the first Cuban feature 3D animation is in the process of animating, texturing, lighting and make special effects. The film is a loose adaptation of the story's namesake island writer José Martí, conducted for the magazine "La edad de oro".

Animacam Scoop offers a fragment of this film, made by Ernesto Padrón, who asserts that "the greatest challenge" that had to overcome was not model 3D character, protagonist of the film, but to build its system of bones - never before done in Cuba- handlers through some action that would allow body movements or gestures of the face. The project, which has two years of delay due to funding problems, was scheduled to launch in 2011. Today we can enjoy one of the seven sequences completed by the time that they counted in their final set of 80 minutes long with music singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez.

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