Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New animation releases in the II Women Animating Special Week

We continue to celebrate this Second Special Week Women Animating in Animacam with five new animation releases by women animators from around the world. Traditional animation done on acetate, 3D animation, flash and stop-motion mixing in these five new films in the festival to commemorate the increasingly important work of women in the animation world: neither more and no less than ten works animation.

The Estonian animators Mari-Liss Bassovskaja & Jelena Girlin, produced by the prestigious study Nuku Film, share with us a work that represents a satire of today's consumer society and what are the side effects that can cause a citizen very special love a soap opera about a heroine in Oranus. The Taiwanese animator Meower Wu, presents a multimedia clip created to represent the everyday life of an actor who gets the press, and the classic answered questions about their desire for money and fame. At the same time, the animator Ángela Barreiro presents a music video in the Multimedia category: My own gravity, a song created by Metropol Group about the own search of self-space.

Maria Lorenzo Hernández
, after she starred in an article about her particular way of carrying out more traditional animation, she presents an animation of reference: Retrato de D. Through her work, makes a clear statement and an offering to her inspiration, the Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel, who paints with acrylic, gouache and other pigments on thousands of acetate-a process inherited from the classical animation. Finally, the Colombian animator Cecilia Traslaviña, a professor of animation at the Faculty of Arts at the Javeiana University, participates in Animacam with Almas santas, Almas Pacientes: a reflection about a family drama that remains in people after the loss of important people for them.

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