Monday, August 16, 2010

II Special Week: Women Animating in Animacam

After completing a week of tribute to the women animators in Women Animating, because of the huge amount of contribution made by women who present their films to the festival, we dedicated a new delivery of animations made and developed by women animators. Stories bring us intelligent, social protest against war and against weapons, visual poems, poetic and sweet and local stories as a fable in which we can learn very interesting lessons.

Two French animators
presented in Animacam, two films with a very good quality. Joanna Lurie is one of them, who participates with her work Le silence sous l'ecorce, a fable that uses the mix of 2D and 3D, in which the animals have to find and confront the dangers that threaten them in environment. Caroline Attia recounts the short life of a little girl, who found an armed gun in the bedroom of her parents. A short film that purports to show the danger of guns in private households, which can lead to dire consequences.

The Venezuelan Julie Hermoso, participating in the two previous editions Animacam, again combines visual beauty with the lyric, this time, combining both disciplines to create a poem Mute. Azadeh Moezzi, a
very young animator from Iran, shows us a tender story about parental love that a child feels for his father, the king. Can the love of a child to change the fate of the throne? The artist tries to answer this question with this work. Finally, the Austrian animator Pascale Osterwalder, narrated in a rhythmic and versed song the events happened in Vienna after 1848, when the war minister Count de Latour, with a hard government repression makes a full revolution revolt in Hungary.

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