Monday, September 20, 2010

The final countdown... Just three days for the deadline

After weeks and weeks of Festival, a festival that lasts throughout the year, just three days to the deadline for receipt of Official Competition works, we are debuting five animations to start the week with energy. This time, we show movies that arrived from Spain, Greece, Belgium and Finland, as the dough mixing techniques, the 2D and 3D.

Sanni Lahtinen, Finnish student animators and animation art, presents his work Murto (housebreak), an elaborate film made in clay which tells the story of a thief after a robbery of diamonds, is enclosed in a cache as a bird pet. From Belgium, Jean Debauche in Eenzam Huisje presents the story of an abandoned house guarded by the ghost of an old woman, who has a well developed plot orchestrated and set for a good music. Alberto Rodriguez tells a nice story in 3D: The wrong glasses. Lisa and Wilson are an elderly couple living in a small apartment together with their pets: Fredy, a strange fish of a species and Fabio, also a cat in years. All is harmonious until an oversight that makes a series of accidents happen with little luck for pets.

A short film that criticizes a problem of modern human society. It is a piece based on a non-narrative, that through the use of strong imagery and repetitive animation spread the message. This idea revolves around which the short film from the Greek Georgios Cherouvim entitled Theros. A 3D reconstruction searching across image contemplate the current social problems. "In your own home, in your own room ... when you least expect it. The worst of your nightmares may appear tonight ..." Watch around you, then there may be a night visitor to make you a night of terror. This animation of Xavi Morcillo premieres close this billboard today.

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