Friday, September 3, 2010

The painter of skies by Jorge Morais

From the darkness of the lost cliffs, a crazy painter, marked by his past, and his faithul assistant try to find a solution against perpetual storms. Sea is destroying their home. A magic boiler and some tormented ghosts will help them to find the light.

Jorge Morais was born in Vigo in 1981 and trained in Arts. After years of increasing their academic potential, he opted for the world of animation, and after years of work conducted his first 3D animated short. Recently, in an interview, the author said how appeared the idea:

"The story of The painter of skies was born from something as simple as the vision I have of me working at home. Let me explain ... I live about 50 meters from the sea in a house with a huge glass wall, so I can enjoy magnificent views of "ria valley" of Vigo. If you realise how much time I spend working at home and how hard it is sometimes put things to take projects forward, and almost have the story told. All I had was getting the right atmosphere and attractive for the short and Galicia made me easy."

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