Monday, September 13, 2010

We start this week releasing five new animated films!

Following further weekend with films coming from all parts of the world, we continue down the stretch debuting five new animations, in the absence of just nine days to the deadline for submission of films in the Official Section of the Animacam Festival. They are still, in this Third Edition Animacam, many interesting animated movies, creating a highly competitive event with that resolved in the coming weeks by the webusers with their votes through the website. This week, we begin featuring five animations from Spain, Netherlands, United States, Japan and Italy.

The Tower of Time is a great 3D fantasy adventure directed by José Luis Quirós that mixes real image with 3D animation, using a similar aesthetic to the famous game Final Fantasy, tells a metaphor between time and death, their similarities and differences. The Italian Federico Anastasi presents a beautiful and demanding 2D animation talking about by respect for nature, illuminating without contaminate in Lightstealer. Masahiko Adachi, from Japan, presents the traditional Japan tattoo culture, representing the "flesh color" art and beauty that represents this fine tradition.

The Korean-born American artist
Eun-Ha Paek, Animacam repeated participation in this Third Edition. After presenting last week Hunger like the wolf, shows Now and Then, a poem by Billy Collins, with successful traditional animation with rhythmic verses American poet. Finally, Secunde shows an animation of the dance to appease the goddess Abeguwo who lives in heaven. Directed by the Dutch Guusje Kaayk taught through music, a divine animation dedicated to the gods.

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