Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We get a new billboard with five new animations!

Again, we update our Animacam´s billboard five new cartoons arriving from different parts of the globe. Highlights new works developed in 3D, stop-motion, traditional animation and new techniques, combination of real image and animation to create new experiments in the field of animation. This time, we show animation films from the Netherlands, Spain, France and the United States.

Iván Díaz, a prominent promoter of Gata study after participating in the last edition of Animacam with his work Cuervo, returns showing his new film: Nocta. A work that shows the consequences of a night of partying, alcohol and psychotropic substances. Sil van Woerden presents, from Netherlands, the work is titled White Swan, an audiovisual experiment combining real images with 3D animation where a girl exhausted and fearful are caught in a dark and mechanical world. Eun-Ha Paek, a veteran American animator of Korean origin, shows a curious and elaborate traditional animation titled Hunger Like the Wolf: a film about love, transformation, and anxiety.

Gerardo de la Fuente with a new animation work participates in this edition of Animacam. After presenting ¿Qué nos ha pasado?, the author shows a 3D animation called Oxígeno, a story that recounts a day in the life of the man who had everything. Finally, the French study Lardux Films, under a Christian Pfhol production, show a groundbreaking audiovisual production: Cowboys Do not Cry, a reflection that concludes with the following statement: "The cowboys are not afraid to die. His death, provided spectacular, is the grand finale of a tragic destiny. "

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