Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Wednesday of Animacam releases!

Again, we are pleased to renew the billboard of Animacam with five new animation works with different styles, subjects and techniques. In the absence of only six days to the deadline for submit films to the Official Competition, and given the huge number of animated projects that have reached the Official Section of Festival, we reported that every day, will release five new animated movies, and get ready for the next 23rd of September to start the voting time of the Festival. Today, new releases come from Spain, United States, Israel and Argentina.

On Line is a funny satire on the internet connection and the use made of it by young people of nowadays through social networks, instant messenger programs, chat and forums. You never know how close we can be of a "virtual" persoal, we are seeing on the network. Federico Santillana, from Argentina, presents this short film made in clay. The Israelian animator Matan Kidrony presents his work Little Longings, a surreal journey that shows the relationship between the creator and his creations, expressed through the eyes of the creator. Norwegian Brothers of Tanjets Films, Runne and Erik Eriksson presented a new multimedia video in the Festival: Survival of nicest, where we see that life in the forest is not always a struggle for survive.

Molly Allis
repeats participation in this Third Edition of Animacam with Seahorse, a music video in which a girl drawn on paper travels through a world of cardboard. After participating with her acclaimed movie Pilgrim, Your heart is a ball of fire, Allis presents this stop-motion fantasy in which we embarked on a journey into the unknown. Finally, David Andreu participates with his animation El camino del exceso, a work conceived as an expression, a cry, a metaphor for social inequality and hypocrisy of our world.

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