Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet stories mixed with tragedy in Animacam releases!

We continue premiering a frenetic rythm, five animations daily, while still getting new movies to the Official Festival with five days to the deadline for submitting entries for competition in Animacam. On this occasion, are mixed sweet and nostalgic stories based on everyday life, along with real historical events and on the other hand, the war against fear humor over time and death. Variety of themes from different parts of the globe such as Iran, Spain, Croatia and Italy.

Maryam Khalilzade shows us a sweet and touching story called Photo. Iranian author focuses on leadership in an accordionist who plays every day to liven up the streets and sweeten the lives of pedestrians as they imagine their own book of life. Antonio Caeiro heading a new clip from A volta dos nove. This application of an animation by Pablo Millán and Ana Lombao to illustrate the commentary we witnessed the execution of nine Baredo in place that gives its name to the documentary. Escargot is a work of the author Manuel Šumberac, produced by the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, which tells the story of two armies of snails that are fighting for the same purpose, against the latest outbreak of the stem.

Francisco J. Calvo Sánchez
presents his work in clay Tiempo Sombra. This short began really makes a whopping 10 years, whose decor and much of the doll are then. A story about the monsters that creates darkness when the time runs out. Finally, Federico Anastasi repeats participation in Animacam, presenting his video "Carbone Papier" - Arman Méliès, produced by Undicidecimi.

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