Monday, September 13, 2010

Urgent press release: Animacam in Facebook

Dear friends of Animacam Festival:

It is our duty to inform you that we have a serious problem when attempting to access our Facebook account, which user is Festi. Animacam, those problems appears six days ago. After three years of attendance of the Festival where its was active, sharing all information relating to it through the social network, we are not able to offer you all the information about it from our original account, created from the First Edition of the Festival in June 2008.

After trying to solve the problem, contacting the administrators of the social network Facebook, whose representatives have ignored our demands, and consulting advice to various experts in social computing and networking, we do not understand what is the real reason for the impossibility to accest to the account, because we have the user profile opened to the Internet, but can not access the account to continue reporting the news about Animacam. Therefore, we suspect that this is a computer attack to the Facebook´s user of Animacam, ignoring the reasons and motives that have led to cause him/her to do it.

We apologize to all our supporters and friends of the Festival, as it is a bug outside the Organization and impossible to be sorted out through it, which has always done a strictly professional and informative work to share with you our business, played with all our affection and encouragement. However, our alternative is to create a new user of the festival to continue transmitting the news to the public regarding the same.

Please accept our apologies and call upon this social network managers to rectify, explain and argue the disadvantages that have arisen when the access to social network profile, motives and reasons unknown and as users, we have the right to be informed.

Thank you very much for your time and attention

Best regards


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