Friday, September 3, 2010

Spanish animated weekend in Animacam

This first weekend of September we offer to the webusers and supporters of Animacam, five new animated films of different styles and themes, all from Spain. A country that, as the years pass, continues to provide and contribute to the animation sector with great works of animation recognized in many festivals around the world. On acetate traditional animation, 3D, stop motion and 2D on Codeco tablet computer techniques are represented this weekend.

The renowned animator from Alicante, María Lorenzo, one of the leading figures in our space, Women Animating, participates again in this third edition of Animacam with her lastest animation: La flor carnívora, a traditional animation on acetate which tells the loneliness of a woman which her carnivorous plants die, but not all. Jorge Morais from Vigo, presents his first 3D animated short film, The painter of skies, a renowned award-winning work in Mestre Mateo Awards and the Festival de Cans, important events of the Galician audiovisual landscape. A story full of fantasy starring a manic artist. From Galicia also comes an interesting and novel animation performed during the audiovisual circuit of Santiago de Compostela, Curtocircuíto. ANIM 01, directed by Juan Lesta and Belén Montero, is a video made in the graphical codeco made with physical magnetopixels.

Jorge Vallejo continues to introduce his works in Animacam. Following their participation in the Second Edition with Cómo está el mundo, Fermin! and in 2010 with El extravagante Sepia Man, presents a work that seeks social awareness towards the Grand imbalance between the Third World and the Western world. Finally, Gerardo de la Fuente from Arte Estrategia Estudio participates in Animacam with ¿Qué nos ha pasado?, A metaphor about relationships that are deteriorating over time.

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