Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Animacam releases from everywhere and everytime

Again, we start another day with more Animacam releases, and touching the edge of the deadline for submission of works, we are really surprised with the quality and quantity of animation works that have arrived in the Official Selection of Animacam. This demonstrates the creative and technical ability with which have the animators, who, from all over the world, have as their animation home Animacam Festival. This time, experienced animators, new talent and great producers are part of the billboard today presenting works from France, Spain, Iran, Chile and Belgium.

The French well-experienced animator Monique Renault, starring in a post in Women Animating, collaborates and participates with the Festival sending lots of her animations. She presents an animation from 1973 entitled À la votre, in which a beautiful young woman and a mini-Superman are coaxed into a curious erotic game. The Iranian animator Maryam Mcharmi involved with a work focusing on the sadness and anxiety of an iron man who is tired of life and committed suicide, made an interesting traditional 2D: Earth is a circle. The animation study Pigmalion presents Waiting in the woods, a film directed by Alexander Bueno and Jessica G. Serna on hopes of a man in a forest and the strange curse that falls on it. A curious drama developed in stop-motion.

The Belgian producer
Zorozabel presents an animation directed by Noémie Marsily & Carl Roosens entitled Poodle (Caniche), a traditional 2D comedy that tells the story of a woman’s magazine is carried by the wind. Beauty advices come out from the magazine and get a running dog worked-up. The dog takes the magazine back to his tower home : a new body and a new heart for the little dog !. The date to note is the following: “Love is a poodle's chance of attaining the infinite.” Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Finally, the Chilean artist Braulio Raimilla Pavia from Producciones Arquetípicas presents Dagon, a literary adaptation that tells the story of a fisherman who uses alcohol to escape the visions he had after surviving a shipwreck, and fear every second to return to for him those visions.

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