Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The prestigious Animation School Gobelins presents its films works in Animacam 4th edition

From the hand of the Premium Films' Friends, we get the creations of one of the most important animation academies worldwide. The students of the 2010 promotion from the prestigious French Academy Gobelins present their creations in Animacam, and to celebrate it we've scheduled more than 20 premieres that will be held from today until next Friday. Do not miss it.

Just to start, we offer you five works carefully prepared that you'll enjoy in the short film category.

These films have been made by second year students, in the 2010 school year. These works have been performed exclusively for the festival "d'Annecy 2010" and you can enjoy them at Animacam 4th edition.

"Chaman" shows a representative creation of the festival on the image of a small Chaman.

"Junk Space" guides us through a sports metaphor to the essence of the energy.

With "M. Eustache" you will travel to a classical theater scene endowed with a great comedy that will not leave indifferent any of us.

While with "Red River Bay" you will discover the poetry of forms and the chromaticism in an harmonious synergy.

To end "Soapy Trip" invites us to discover a universe of limitless imagination that will make you travel to the most positive side of each essence.

But that's not all, because the promotion of students from Gobelins 2010, also gives us the five most important multimedia animations of this year, under the name Iko, Omoho, Teeniz, Uti and Yummy, that we have the great pleasure to present they .

And as in this case an image itself is worth a thousand words, we can only invite you to enjoy them one by one, in Animacam 4th edition. 

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