Friday, October 7, 2011

Animacam presents animation projects of Gobelins School students in 2010

Animacam becomes glamorous to give all his followers the projects of students of the prestigious animation School Gobelins.

And we have no better way to close this special issue of the prestigious French school of Animation Gobelins, that we offer you as a finishing touch the animation creations that end the studies of the students promotion 2010.

An important graphic quality and a remarkable storyline are the features of the five creations that you could enjoy in the short film category, which are summarized as follows:

"Je t'aime" is a very elaborate animation work that takes us into a world of psychological terror, as is typical of the Japanese school, and that will not let you indifferent.

The lighter, spicy and casual side comes with "Jean Luc". A funny animated short film, endowed with great dynamism, with a touch of humor and a tad spicy, that under no circumstances you could possibly missed.

The comic side comes with "Le Royaume", an amusing story that will delight young and old, and that tells the story of a king who will do his utmost to have his castle.

With "Smoke my Christmas", we can live the adventures and misadventures of the imagination of a tramp on Christmas Day. An outstanding work that will guide us for the pleasures denied to a peculiar indigent in a cold winter night.

And to end the short film category, we offeryou a beautiful allegory about war and the consequences that are generated in humans, "Trois Petits Points". A beautiful story with an ending a little bleak.

In addition to this great offer that we want is to your liking, we do not want to close this serie dedicated to the Gobelins School without offer you in the multimedia category three short contributions that identify the traditions and expertise that comes from their classrooms. Enjoy the weekend.

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