Friday, October 28, 2011

The best animated films of the Basque cinemateque at Animacam 2011

As every year, and by the hand of the Basque Culture Department and the "Eskadiko Filmategia" - Basque film archive-, the festival is pleased to show on its billboard new outbreaks belonging to the best creations of Basque short film. 

New names and old acquaintances from the Basque animated world that tell their stories, their feelings and their desires through these beautiful art forms.

Now it is the time for these three short stories in terms of time, but large, very large in content; creations that we want you to enjoy as much as the Animacam team has done.

"Amár" tells the story of Ines's journey to India, where she visits a friend who has been living confined in a mental hospital for years, and who gives the name to the film. During the trip, Inés remembers the last few days they spent together and her promise to return. 

"Ámár" is a little gem created by the director Isabel Hergera, who after having spent several years working for major American studies, comes back to her native city San Sebastian, from where she directs the International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, ANIMAC, as well as travelling frequently to India to teach Animation. Of course, she is always accompanied by her travel notebook in which she describes the social reality of these places.

"Daisy Cutter" tells the story of a 10-years-old girl, Zaira, who as many other children of her age, lives an unfair war. Despite of this, she describes the conflict from her tender and innocent perspective; Zaira collects margaritas to her missing friend every day, as not to forget or lose him ... This film has been performed and directed by: 

Enrique Garcia, who with his opera prima, "Perpetum Mobile"  won more than twenty international awards, as well as a Goya nomination and an Oscar candidacy. 

The co-founder of the Silverspace producer, Ruben Salazar, accompanies him on the direction managment, being the responsible for the executive production duties as well as the postproduction.

"Ondar Ahoak" is a documentary short film that you can enjoy at the multimedia category. It talks about the tuna lives, who spend large months hibernating after an active feeding stage in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year, this station is recorded in the form of rings, leaving opaque areas due to the absence of food.

This short film has won the award for best experimental short at the Animation Festival of San Diego, USA, and comes from the hand of Ángel Aldarondo, orchestra man of this audivisual. As The Perfume's protagonist, Ángel is born surrounded by fish and, consequently, he can't test this food until he reaches his sixteenth. So this book pays tribute to the sea work, very rooted in his native city San Sebastian, as well as in other Basque towns.

We wish you'll enjoy the great proposal that we have presented. Don't forget to follow us next Monday, when the best French animation will shine again.

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