Friday, October 14, 2011

Five great premieres at Animacam

To end a very moved week, there's nothing better than five great releases at Animacam. Estonia, Argentina and Spain are the ones that offer us these high qualified creations this animated weekend.

To start the presentations, we have the great pleasure to introduce you Andres Tenusaar, Estonia, who brings us two elaborated music animation videos that are defined as follows.

With Sunny Mission, he shows us a very elaborated Stop Motion that tells us a story about a battle on a table. To make this clip, Andres has requiered 25 hours and has used as a unique source of light two candles. This clip has a great musical atmosphere run by the group Hauschka.

With Commitment Strange, Andres takes us into a world of visual poetry represented in decks of cards, which will allow the viewer to awake a feeling of extreme beauty. The powerful background music is provided by the Estonian group Opium Flirt.

Two animations of great beauty and careful preparation that you should watch.

To get into the short film category, it's worth to start the presentations with the animated serie Casino Flotante. From Argentina by Leonel Klanjberg comes this hilarious animated serie that tells the story of the most famous secret agent of Argentina, in his particular adventure styled "Casino Royal". If you want to have a fun time do not fail to watch this first chapter of a total of four, that you can enjoy exclusively at Animacam.

Following this fun side in the short film category, we have the great pleasure to present CAT Reserva a careful work of animation that comes from the hand of the Flores brothers, Fernando and J.B., who have won numerous awards in major animation spanish competitions. We are sure that the Animacam fans will also receive it with a great welcome.

Finally, what have no better way to get into the pure visual poetry than talking about Óscar Cabezas and his short film Petita Vida. This film is based on short philosophical stories acclimated with the music of two ukuleles. A very interesting creation that the Animacam team offers you to open an amazing weekend.

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