Monday, October 10, 2011

5 new animated films at Animacam 2011

 It starts a new week at Animacam with five interesting premieres in the most animated billboard.

Five engaging animations, having Mexico as a new country on the 2011 Billboard, will be the protagonists of this Monday at Animacam.

To begin with the presentations, we are pleased to present "BOX" from Argentina, an animated short film by Juan Carlos Camardella with the Blender Open Access program, that tell us the fight between a Boxer and his memories. A breathtaking project that shows the qualities of Blender.

In this category it is accompanied by two more than recommended Mexican animated films that come from the hand of Victor Hugo Martínez Izquierdo:

With "Los presagios funestos", he tell us the story of the signals received by the Mexican people before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. An enchanting travel that takes us into the Mexican cultural history essence.

While with "El Mosco" he shows us a mosquito animation frame by frame. This is a Victor Hugo Martínez Izquierdo striking proposal that shows the development and personal application of this animation technique.

V. Hugo also entertains us in the Multimedia category with a tip, like an add, related to "the civic responsibility in raising awareness of not driving drunk". An attractive proposal for the assimilation in this hot and current topic.

In the retrospect category, you can enjoy the animated film "Todos te queremos" a prized proposal of Miguel Chehaibar, that also from Mexico takes us into a story about old age and the dramatic charge of family responsibilities. An advisable animation film, full of feelings.

For this week we would like you to know that we have prepared an extensive selection of films that you could enjoy first at Animacam.

Keep an eye to the billboard!

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