Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The great week of international animation goes one with the premiere of five high-qualified creations on the animated billboard

It's a great pleasure to introduce the five works that are released today on the Animacam billboard and that will compete for the different awards in their respective categories.

Four major animated films and a happy reunion at the multimedia category, will be the stars of this animated Wednesday at Animacam 2011.

Begining with the presentations, today we have the great pleasure to present a work that has caused and is still causing a sensation in several international festivals, as well as specialized social networks. From Denmark, courtesy of Henrik Malmgren, arrives "The Guest", a dynamic social drama that will awake our most tender and thoughtful side, and that comes with the irrefutable endorsement of the success achieved at the festival Siggraph in Los Angeles, considered by many as the most important event of the 3D animation over the world.

The short film category presents a great creation of the Spanish director Gerardo de la Fuente, who launches his book "El amor era eso". The faultless argument that characterizes this interactive work, has used 3D and live action to show a very interesting proposal that surely will please the most demanding public.

The most sensitive side comes from the hand of Carmen Diaz, who with her creation named "FQ" gets us into the depths of the disease that gives its name to the short film, "Cystic fibrosis". A tribute video that you cannot miss. Thank you very much Carmen for your work.

By the way, the series which doesn't need presentation is "Casino Flotante" of the the Argentine director Leo Ka. Today he launches his third chapter of this series which is on the top. It is a must.

And finally, the Animacam team is filled with happiness presenting once more our well-known creator Inma Carpe. The double winner of the retrospective category at the Animacam Festival 2009 and 2010, entertains us this time with an interesting proposal named "Daddy's girl", an spot that you must do not miss. Welcome home Inma .

We hope you'll enjoy the creations proposed, and there's nothing more left to say that it would be a pleasure if you share with us the new releases that Animacam is preparing for Friday.

Animated greetings!

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