Friday, October 21, 2011

Animacam offers you great international animated classics for a very special weekend.

The week is finishing and Animacam offers you a very animated proposal for these days. From Taiwan, Russia, Norway and Argentina we get several interesting international animation classic that will make you enjoy.

To start the presentations, and as about classics we are speaking, the retrospective category dresses up with to host major international animation works.

From Taiwan comes the creation "Roue", a proposal of the prestigious animator Wu Taili, who shows us a self-portrait using fragments of her dreams, childhood memories and emotions. A work of great beauty and refined technique that will make you enjoy an unforgettable time.

The Scandinavian mythology is showed in all its essence by the courtesy of Tuva Synnevag, who with her creation "Sáiva", tells us a beautiful story about Sami culture personified with the searching of a woman of her dead lover. A beautiful animation that you must not miss.

With a tender and a very graphic touch, from Russia arrives Olga Kudryavtseva with her creation"Pro Ptitsu" that tells us the tender story of a bird's dream that may not be fulfilled as he hopes. A wonderful animated short film that will delight young and old.

To get into the short film category, and if we talk about classic and birds, what would be better than talk about our good friend Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser, who is entertaining us once more with a tender, poetic and thought-provoking story of a bird with an ode to freedom. Thanks again Lleana for showing such substantial stories dyed of magical poetry.

And finally ... It has arrived what you were waiting for ... the outcome of the great adventure of Juan Bardo. Thanks to  Leo Ka, the adventures of the most famous secret agent of Argentina in the "Casino Flotante" come to an end. Will John get his goal?. Do not miss the phenomenal outcome of this adventure while looking forward to get many more. Thank you very much for the contribution dear friend Leonel.

We wish you enjoy the weekend: from the Animacam team we give you our best wishes. We want to remind you that next Monday you'll have a new appointment with the best of the animation world in the more lively billboard.

Happy weekend to all !!!

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