Monday, October 17, 2011

Five major successes of the international animation open a new week at Animacam Festival

The best of the Argentina animation and a reputable musical contribution arrive by the hand of the nominated directors for the "Gramy" Yuval and Merav Nathan.

To start a new week, today we have the great pleasure to present five of the most highlighted creations of the international animation, that bright on their own in the Animacam billboard.

To start the presentations, we have three works from Argentina created by the animation director with more prestige and international reputation, Juan Pablo Zaramella. He has won more than 50 awards, and arrives at Animacam with three wondeful creations that are required to be watched by all the genre lovers.

"At the opera" is a clay animation, with a great chromatism, ambientation and beauty that plunges us into a soulful evening under the musical setting of the play Opera"Cavalleria Rusticana". A fantastic animation work that has garnered a great success in several international festivals.

Juan Pablo also presents an amazing and very elaborated comedy in the short film category under the name "Hotcorn". A fun and exceptional art idea that shows the quality of the works of this renowned director.

To end the Juan Pablo Zaramella presentation at the 4th edition of Animacam, nothing better than to introduce his award-winning creation "Lapsus". A traditional animation that after having collected multiple awards in five continents, shines with great delicacy in the retrospective category of the festival. Do not miss this extreme visual beauty, with a deep meaning of this classical creator of the argentine animation.

To get into the multimedia category, and by the hand of the great animator Guy Ben Shetrit, we present a very elaborated animated clip directed by Yuval and Merav Nathan, Grammy Award nominees, that entertains us with "lose this child", a creation of one the most successful groups in the Canadian and American Rock scene, Eatliz, whose album "Teasing Nature" is having a great welcome.

And as we promised, today we have the premiere of the second chapter of the animated set "Casino Flotante". A sequence of Leo Ka that comes from Argentina and that takes us into the most famous parody of the Argentine secret agent and that you can enjoy exclusively in the short film category at Animacam festival.

Here you have these great creations to enjoy in all their essence. We also want to remind you to follow the incoming films of the highest level within the International Animation next Wednesday.

We'll be waiting for you!

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