Monday, October 24, 2011

Great animation works from Argentinia, Romania and Germany shine at the Animacam billboard 2011

To begin the week, the Animacam Festival has the immense pleasure to introduce you great international animation works of animation that will compete for prizes in their respective categories in the fourth edition of the festival.

From Argentina, for the short film category and by the hand of the young directors Daniel Jervis, Javier Inga and Ricardo Jurado, comes an elaborated and hilarious animated short film that will change all the classical mythology theories. Do not miss this very interesting creation, "Mitologia" that will make you have a while of a lot of fun.

This category will be accompanied by a very interesting piece of animation that comes from Romania by courtesy of Cristina Zoica Dumitru, "It´s a living". A fun proposal that will put us in the shoes of a chary thief who might not be as deft as we thought. Find out what this work offers to us.

In the retrospect category, the prestigious creator Jessica Cheeseman, gives us three small works that show an interesting proposal from the Germano-Polish school of animation. From London we do get "Point of View", "A brilliant idea" and "What's he Got?". To be enjoyed.

Finally, also in the retrospect category, we have a very elaborated proposal that comes from Trexel Studio's friends, Argentina. Under the direction of Pablo Alberto Díaz, we have the great pleasure to introduce you 
"Copia A", an animated fun approach that will make you enjoy the best of Argentine Animation.

And so we closed a new Monday, reminding you that next Wednesday you can enjoy new releases on the animated Billboard.

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