Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A new premiere of five important films of the best international animation.

New releases on the Animacam Billboard that will delight all audiences in the most animated Festival.

Today, we have the great pleasure of showing you five new releases for a very special Wednesday. Great reencounters and new welcomes, will serve to put the animated touch at the International Animated Festival.

And if about great reencounters is what we are talking about, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our dear friend Ivan Maximov, that year after year delights us with great animations of international renown. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, from Russia and by courtesy of the great Ivan Maximov, come and enjoy "Tides to and fro".

To give a more adult touch, but at the same time very, very amusing we present the creation "No Da", which comes from Chile by the courtesy of director Pablo Alibaud and tells us about the dangers of love in old age. The laughs are assured friends!

Meanwhile, today and after the great success the series of  Leo Ka has had on the festival, we have the great pleasure to present a special edition of "Casino flotante", so you can enjoy once more of the secret agent John Bardo adventures, without cuts or interruptions.

In the retrospective category arrives from Italy the work of Julia Gromskaya "l'anima mavi", a film full of chromaticism that is related to the dreams' crossroads and the encounter with the pure and clear soul. A beautiful animation that will fill you with feelings.

And for the adult audience, also in the retrospective category, on the Animacam billboard shines the amusing French creation "Happy Hour", directed by Maxime Paccalet and that tells us a fun adventure in a coffee. Do not miss it.

And this is how the Animacam presentation ends today. But before we would like to offer you a preview of the next Friday premieres, that will be headlined by the best of the Basque Film Archive, as well as a tribute to a very special director.

Animated greetings, friends!!!

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