Monday, October 31, 2011

The best 2010 selection of the "Superior School of Animation and Computer Graphics", Supinfocom, at Animacam Fourth Edition

To conclude the month, Animacam’ 2011 is pleased to present the proposal made by Supinfocom’ 2010. Throughout the week, we will premiere a total of 100 creations of this prestigious Superior School of Animation for the short film category, which will be accompanied by other major international works in the multimedia and retrospective category.

To start the week, and being this the last day of the month, the Supinfocom becomes the protagonist with the release of five animated short films that will be accompanied on the multimedia and retrospective category by the renowned and high-qualified creations of the international animation scene.

To begin the Monday's presentations, we couldn't do it better than talking about the work named "Akaffa". This is a very elaborated acrylic and 3D animation that tells us the shadowy tale of the coffee.

In the same category, and competing for a 600 euro-prize, it will be accompanied by "Aleksandr", an amusing story that takes place in heaven.

With a touch of dynamism and entertainment at the same time, the Animacam billboard gets coloured by presenting "Botanica Liberta", an exciting adventure of a carnivorous plant, a cactus and a tree that get away from a botanical garden in search for freedom.

With "Branque Brol Tambour", we get into the awareness of taking advantage of the natural resources, waste and solid refuse.

And to finalize with the Supinfocom today's presentations, we offer you "Chernokids", a work which tells us the murky and gloomy adventure of several odd children in an apocalyptic nuclear future.

In the multimedia category, we present the work of the renowned entertainer Caroline Attia, who with her incredible colored and styled design, has made a great music clip for the well-known American singer-songwriter, Jim Bianco, under the name of "Elevator Operator" .

And for the retrospective category, we have the great pleasure to offer you the award-winning work of the renowned North-American animator Lucas Martell, who with "Pigeon Impossible" shows us an amazing and well-worked adventure about a very peculiar secret agent. Do not miss the great technical quality and the detailed script of this prestigious internationally recognized work.

And ... that's all for today friends. Remember that next Wednesday you can enjoy of the new Supinfocom's releases at Animacam. Furthermore, these will be accompanied by major international animation works that we'll be preparing to show you with lots of pleasure.

Happy week friends!!!

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